Industry News » Canadian technology supports comprehensive wastewater treatment in Vietnam

Canadian technology supports comprehensive wastewater treatment in Vietnam


Center for Statistics and Science and Technology Information (CESTI) has co-operated with VNCAN Water Co. Ltd. to introduce "Comprehensive wastewater treatment solution with electromechanical technology".

This is a wastewater treatment solution originating from Canada, using 9 different electromechanical and thermoelectric technologies to destroy all chemicals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, extract heavy metals up to 99%, reduce BOD (the amount of oxygen needed to give microorganisms to oxidize organic substances) to less than 3% compared to the original amount.In particular, this technology not using treatment chemicals will contribute to ensuring that waste water sources do not contain pollutants.

According to Mr. Sandy McDonald, a representative of VNCAN Water Co., Ltd., with the company's treatment solution, all of the original wastewater will be collected without classifying A or B and treated all sludge, garbage mixed in water. Therefore, businesses do not need to go to a third party to handle and this technology will contribute to the reduction of investment costs. Post-treatment wastewater can be reused because this solution ensures that the treated water meets standard in daily life and production.

The representative of CESTI said that VNCAN Water's technology is an effective solution to help manufacturing factories, industrial parks and hospitals apply new technologies in the construction of a complete and comprehensive waste water treatment system. This is a solution to treat wastewater with high stability and reliability in operation and economic efficiency. Moreover, the benefits of wastewater treatment also help us to best protect the water. 


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