Expo News » Haya Water uses latest technologies for wastewater treatment

Haya Water uses latest technologies for wastewater treatment


The wastewater sector is one of the most important infrastructure projects that clearly reflects the development of countries and the attention that is given to health and environmental aspects. 

Moreover, modern wastewater networks help protect fresh groundwater reserves from pollution caused by the leakage of wastewater from septic tanks to the ground.

Haya Water has been working, since its establishment, to introduce the latest technologies used in the field of wastewater treatment and to use this water to make Oman greener and healthier and to maintain public health.

The choice of Intermittent Cyclic Extended Aeration System (ICEAS) and Membrane and BioReactors System (MBR) are used as substitutes for traditional wastewater treatment systems. The treatment using Extended Aeration and Activated Sludge systems in Wastewater Treatment Plants (STPs) is considered traditional. On the other hand, the modern technologies used by the company have many advantages compared to other technologies.

The phases of wastewater treatment are as follows. The process of wastewater dismissal, treatment and reuse in healthy and safe ways is one of the necessary processes to create a healthy environment for developed societies.

This is achieved in accordance with international standards and specifications and using the latest engineering and scientific methods in order to find an environment free of wastewater contaminants. The public wastewater networks receive sewage non-stop which is then carried to pumping stations and into the STPs.

Primary treatment ‘Physical treatment’ is the first phase of treatment which aims to improve the specifications of wastewater flowing into the STP by reducing the amount of contaminated materials.

Secondary treatment phases ‘Biological treatment’ is the main phase of treatment where appropriate climate is provided using necessary ventilation and the addition of oxygen to water for the reproduction of microorganisms and bacteria which transfer wastes to non-organic materials heavier than water.

The triple treatment phase is the final phase of treatment which sterilises water and removes any solid or suspended parts, which increases the purity of treated wastewater. After that, the water is stored in the balanced tanks. These tanks store biodegradable water at peak hours to be filtered later throughout the day.

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