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Date: Nov 10-11, 2016

Venue:Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

Scope of Exhibition

Water treatment chemicals: the largest exhibition on water treatment chemicals in China, whose special chemicals cover industrial and mining enterprises, animal husbandry, fishery, commercial, municipal water and social aspects. The chemicals include industrial circulating water treatment chemicals, boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, reverse osmosis membrane chemicals, urban sewage and industrial waste water treatment chemicals, process chemicals, microbial control, fungicide, defoaming agent, dispersant, cleaning agents, chelating agent, pretreatment filming agent, specially high enrichment ratio of water treatment agent with hard, alkali, and turbidity features, activated carbon filtration material, filter material for water treatment.

Flocculant used in sludge dewatering including two types – emulsion and dry powder, coagulant used in chemical phosphorus removal and coagulating sedimentation including aluminium polychlorid, aluminum sulfate, ferric (iron) aluminium chloride, defoamer and decolorizer.

Scale and corrosion inhibitor: organic phosphonic acid salt: HEDP, EDTMP, etc.; polycarboxylic acid: PAA, HPMA, polyaspartic acid, polyepoxysuccinic acid, etc.; inorganic phosphorus: sodium hexametaphoshpate, sodium tripolyphosphate; BTA; TTA; New copper corrosion inhibitor; boiler water treatment chemicals; cooling water treatment chemicals; membrane treatment chemicals; water treatment chemicals and sewage treatment chemicals; reverse osmosis chemicals.

Organic chloride: sodium dichloro cyanurate, trichloroisocyanuric acid, cyanuric acid; organic bromine: BCDMH, 2, 2 - dibromo - 3 - cyano propionamide; isothiazolinone; glutaraldehyde, quaternary alkylphosphonium salt; inorganic chloride: chlorine dioxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, calcium chloride; amine: geramine, chloramines; peroxide: H2O2, peracetic acid; organic sulfur: methane dithiocyanate.

New equipment and engineering technology for sewage water treatment:

Urban sewage treatment equipment, industrial, technology and equipment for oil field sewage and sludge treatment, water treatment equipment, complete sets of equipment for gas processing, pipe network detection and processing technology; water quality analysis instruments; blower, filter press, aeration, dosing and other professional equipment, chemical, physical and biological water treatment, sludge for water treatment and residue treatment, desalination equipment, etc.; industrial waste water, process water; pump valve equipment; membranes and membrane modules, packing, filter material, filtering equipment, ultraviolet radiation, ozone sterilization equipment; seawater desalination, biological water treatment, rainwater harvesting and water-saving irrigation technology and equipment.

Features on environmental protection as a bridge, this exhibition provides a communication shortcut for workers, peasants, soldiers, students, and business men. Based on water treatment chemicals, sewage effluent water treatment equipment and engineering technology, this exhibition is like a big classroom for learning advanced technology of water environment protection and newly equipment materials. It makes our result spread faster, broader, and leads to faster sales. I wish you greater success on the communication platform.



China National Chemical Information Center
National Committee of Functional Polymer Industry


New Technology and Industrialization of Water Treatment from the Base of Ministry of Construction 
Water Saving and Water Treatment Branch of China Industrial Energy Saving and Clean Production 


China Pulp and Paper Industry Association
National Committee of Water Treatment Chemical Industry 
National Chemical Energy Conservation Center
China Chemical Association


Dongying Noel Chemical Co., LTD
Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., LTD
Jianghai Environmental Protection Co., LTD
Aisen Flocculant (China) Co., LTD
Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., LTD
Lonza (China) Investment Co., LTD
Green Water Separation Equipment Co., LTD
Environmental Institute of New Land Science and Technology Group Co., LTD
"Eylem (China) Co., LTD

Media Supporters

China National Chemical Information Weekly
China Chemical Industry News
Industrial Water Treatment
China Water World Magazine
h2o-china. com


2016 (12th) China International Water Treatment Chemicals, Sewage Treatment Engineering and Technology Exhibition ( WATER CHEM+TECH) that organized by China National Chemical Information Center will be held on 10-11th November, 2015 in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The exhibition aims to gather together the world's top well-known enterprises, shows the latest progress of industry, industrial development strategy, focus on the prospect of future application, and become a professional event in the industry which is widely recognized at home and abroad. The scope of the exhibition includes various popular water treatment chemicals like sewage treatment with flocculant, coagulant, scale inhibitor, bactericide, defoamer, circulating cooling water, sewage treatment equipment and engineering sewage, sludge treatment technology and equipment, water treatment equipment, pipeline detection and processing technology.

The exhibition, which includes a total exhibition area of more than ten thousand square meters, brings together 200 exhibitors from all over the world, such as China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, etc. Many well-known enterprises at home and abroad shows their latest product technology and application idea. For example, Dalian Bio-chem, Jiangsu Jianghai, Nantong Uniphos Chemicals, Shandong Taihe, Jiangsu Feymer, Dongying Nuoer Chemical ,Anhui Jucheng, Henan Qingshuiyuan Technology, Jinling Chemical, Weifang Tianci, Dow, Longsha, Dongxin Plastic, Sentech, Nopon, Sheng Cheng, Green Water, IVY, Huaian Xianglong, Shanghai Baozhongying, JC France Industrie, Newland, HACH, Great Wall Electric,  Xylem, etc. The exhibition attracts more than 7,000 visitors from 30 countries and regions at home and from abroad, of which there are more than 600 foreign visitors.

This exhibition is a great event with deep policy and wide technology communication in the area of water treatment chemicals, new technology and new equipment. It will involve upgrade technology, new progess, and new equipment in industrial wastewater treatment, urban drainage pipeline detection and maintenance disposal technology and technical equipment. It covers the government and the local departments in charge of industry, sewage treatment plant, the design unit, water companies, environmental engineering company, equipment companies, scientific research institutions and related people. The conference will have important and practical significance for the management in the related fields of water treatment and operational unit, related products research and development and manufacturing, scientific research institutions and design institutes, so as to have an important guiding role in the production of water treatment chemicals in China, sales and technical development and application of new technology and new equipment in water treatment and industrialization. We warmly welcome the exhibitors and visitors to attend our exhibition for guidance and communication!

Concurrent Seminar

The exhibition held dozens of technical seminars and on-site technical communication conferences. We sincerely welcome people to participate in the exhibition. The seminar covers water treatment status and progress at home and abroad, and it includes the following topics:

1.The industrial circulating water, circulating cooling water of high concentration ratio.

2.Flocculating agent for urban wastewater and new water treatment equipment and engineering conference.
3.The application of water treatment technology and microorganisms in the water treatment industry.
4.The coal chemical industry wastewater treatment and reuse technology seminar.
5.Application of membrane technology in water treatment.
6.Seminar of oilfield sewage treatment and wastewater recycling.
7.Seminar of sewage denitrification and dephosphorization treatment technology.
8.Seminar of sewage recycling and zero discharge.
9.Seminar of new type water treatment agent research and application development.
10.Application method of safely and efficiently microbial control of cooling water.
11.Polymeric emulsifier in PAM application of inverse emulsion polymerization.
12.Active polymerization in the application of water soluble polymer synthesis.
13.How to reduce the evaporation with zero emission when applicating vibration of membrane technology in large chemical project. 
14.Application of cationic polyacrylamide in urban sewage treatment. 
15.Application of horizontal screw centrifugal machine in urban sewage treatment industry and in papermaking industry.
16.Energy-efficient aerator application in engineering.
17.Introduction of Thies micro filter water treatment with efficient method. 
18.Efficient ion purification technology application in the work clean air environment.
19.Ozone biological activated carbon (O3BAC) technology in the application of the water depth treatment. 
20.The integration of integrated device for biological treatment of wastewater.
21.The United States limon active organic microbial agents in environmental remediation, and the application in sludge and sewage treatment. 
22.Crushing equipment, and its application technology.
23.Breakthrough of biological activation and strengthening flocculation standard.
24.Application of microorganism in the environmental protection industry.
25.Industrial water treatment technology of biological and chemical coupling power.
26.Helamin agents in the domestic use of case analysis.
27.Film-forming polyamine and neutralizing amine in the application of the hot water circulation system.
28.Continuous flow analysis technology in the application of the water quality inspection.
29.The latest development of pipeline robot and application.
30.Sewage pipe network maintenance and the application of new equipment and new technology.
31.Carbonshield ® antiseptic fungicide application in water treatment.
32.Introduction of no bubble type sterilization clarifying agent Barquat PQ application in water treatment.
33.Application of active amine Lonzabac 12 in anti-mycobacterium tuberculosis in water treatment industry.
34.Automatic dosing system application in industrial and municipal water treatment.
35.Stable halogen synergist Solstice ® application in water treatment.
36.Molluscacide application in power plant.
37.Flocculation synergist Barfloc FP application in sewage-related industry.
38.Overall solution of using biotechnology to provide the operation of water treatment chemicals.
39.Forefront application of biotechnology in environmental governance.
40.Novozymes wastewater treatment application case.
41.The development of special-purpose organic matter MC420 - reverse osmosis detergent
42.Research and development of heating pipelines corrosion scale inhibitor GH1000.
43.Application of coking inhibitor FD8144 in biomass boilers.
44.Research and progress of boiler deoxidizer.
45.Introduction of Dow Chemical anti-scaling dispersant and its application in reverse osmosis water treatment.
46.Dow microbial control technology to help solve the microbial problem in water treatment industry.
47.Diagnosis and solution of microbial problem in reverse osmosis membrane system.

Market Introduction

Good news in water treatment industry:

1. The plan has been approved on March 27, 2015. Ten water treatment-related policies will be unveiled. The budget of water pollution prevention and control has jumped to 86% this year. 
2. During the “twelfth five-year” plan and the “thirteen five-year” plan period, the investment of waste water treatment will reach 12,781 and 15,603 billion yuan respectively, among which the investment for industrial and urban sewage investment will reach 5,753 and 5,578 billion yuan respectively. 

Visitor Invitation

Relying on the strong chemical industry background and the professional database support, China Chemical Information Center has accumulated rich chemical resources, and through the cooperation with water, we have attracted a lot of professional audiences in petrochemical industry from 400 national chemical industrial parks to attend the seminar as follows: CNPC, PCITC, CNOOC, Zhenhai Refining, SECCO, Dahua Chemiacl Group, Juhua Group,  Yanshan Petrochemical, Qilu Petrochemical, Jilin Petrochemical, Sinopec Guangzhou Branch, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Shaanxi Petrochemical Research Institute, Petrochina Exploration and Development Research Institute, Daqing Oil Field, Liaohe Oil Field, Jiangsu Oil Field, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, Ningbo Chemical Industrial Park, Quzhou Chemical Industry Park, Taizhou Chemical Industrial Park, etc. 

As official support media for the exhibition, CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute and Industrial Water Treatment Magazine have carried out extensive publicity and give tremendous support to our exhibition. During the exhibition, we will jointly organize industrial waste water seminar. The exhibition has attracted audiences from the field of industrial water saving and sewage reuse application industry, such as Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Baotou Third Power Plant, Shougang Shuicheng Steel, RISUN, Heyao Group, Beijing Capital Group, Shandong Huaju, Huadian Power, Northeast China, Anshan Iron and Steel, Hongyuan Power, Huaneng Group, Beijing Zhongdian, Xinhai Electric Co., Blue Star Group, Shandong Huaju, FusO Teiyaku, Huihong Medicine, National Medicine Group, etc.

With big support from China Papermaking Chemicals Industry Association, we have attracted domestic famous producers in paper and paperboard industry, such as UPM, China Paper Industry in Ningbo, Shanghai Jin Fengyuan Paper Industry, Ningbo Asia Paper Industry, Dongguan ND Paper, Sun Paper Group, Jindong Paper, Zhonglong Paper, Zhongye Paper, Shandong Quanlin, etc. Besides, more new paper-related factories have joined us under the organization of Paper Making Association in Hunan, Shandong, Jiangxi, and Henan. For example, Ruanjiang Gold Sun, Yueyang Lin paper, YYPaper, Ruanjiang Paper, Hengda Paper, Xiangjiang Paper, Shandong Kaili, Shandong Wanhao, together with Shandong Asia Symbol. During the exhibition this year, we will also hold seminar on energy saving and emission reduction in papermaking industry.

As the earliest agent for organizers abroad, they have made positive contributions for the promotion and publicity of the event. They arrange the staff responsible for the sales and promotion of the exhibition, establish special websites, made large-scale propaganda in the important forums of newspapers and magazines, and they are also responsible for the important customer visit, the invitation and exhibition preview before mailing, etc. The agency organizes a large number of professional audiences to visit the event every year. We have also set up our own offices in India, Indonesia and other countries, and have permanent colleagues abroad for exhibition promotion.

In order to better serve the exhibitors, to optimize the exhibiting effects, and to provide higher specifications of the service at the same time, we will continue to work with overseas institutions and conduct extensive cooperation, in order to achieve wide and deep propaganda from multi-channels. We will hold dozens of free on-site technical seminars, trade fairs, and reception dinner during the show with rich contents, various forms of activities, in order to provide value-added services to exhibitors and audiences.


Class A area (raw space not including any facilities): 

(1)Wholly foreign-owned domestic enterprises and overseas enterprises : US$310p/m2
(2)Domestic joint venture: RMB 1 600 p/m2; 
(3)Domestic companies: RMB 1 480 p/m2. 

Class B area (standard booth 3mX3m including walls, side and back walls information counter, chairs, spotlights, electrical outlet, water, electrical connection, carpet): US$3600/standard booth.

(1)Wholly foreign-owned domestic enterprises and overseas enterprises : US$360/standard booth.
(2)Domestic joint venture: RMB 15 800 p/m2; 
(3)Domestic companies: RMB 12 800 p/m2. 


Exhibition catalogue (cover RMB20 000, back cover RMB10 000, inside front cover and front page RMB8 000, inside back cover and tail page RMB6 000, inside full page (colored) RMB5 000, inside full page (B&W) RMB2 500); All exhibitors can add company information on the catalogue for free.
Admission coupon RMB10 000/500 000 pieces;
Plastic bag RMB30 000/10 000 pieces;
Scroll RMB6 800 per exhibition period;
Balloon (with 10m scroll) RMB8 500 per exhibition period;
Arch door RMB26 000 per exhibition period, price of inside-hall advertising stands to be fixed through negotiation.

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