Expo News » Seminar of Shanghai Waterchem Exhibition

Lonza (China) Investments Co., Ltd.


Lonza Group & Water Treatment Product Brief


Barquat PQ for Water Treatment Industry


Lonzabac 12 for Water Treatment Industry


Feeder for Industrial & Municipal Water Treatment Industry


Solstice? Halogen Stabilizer for Water Treatment Industry


Tea Break


Molluscicide for Power Plant Industry


Barfloc FP for Waste Water Industry



Dow Chemical (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Acumerscale inhibitors dispersants for reverse osmosis


Dow microbial control technologysolutions to microbial problems in industrial water treatment


Diagnosis and Solutions to microbial problems in RO system



Novozymes  (China)  Investment Co., Ltd.


Novozymes biological & bioaugmentation application in environmental protection


How biotechnology can provide the operation of water treatment chemicals supplier overall solution?



Tea Break


Novozymes biological & it's application in environmental protection


Bioaugmentation cutting-edge applications in environmental protection


Case Study



Weihai Xiangyu Technology Co., Ltd.


Development of cleaning agent MC420 special for RO organic

Development of geothermal corrosion and scaling inhibitor

Coking inhibitor FD8144 in the application of biomass boiler

Research and development of boiler corrosion inhibitor



Ningbo Durrex Pumps Co.,Ltd.


Application of CAM rotor pump in papermaking industry



Shenzhen Long Lung Technology Co., Ltd.


The standard breakthrough of biological activation and strengthening flocculation



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