Exhibitor List » Jiangsu Hengfeng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Brief Introduction:
Jiangsu Hengfeng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in the production and sales of polyacrylamide powder and emulsion. The company is equipped with a complete and scientific system of quality management and has gained recognition within the trade in respect of its integrity, strength and product quality. Jiangsu Hengfeng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes friends from all sectors of society to visit.

Products Available:
cationic polyacrylamide powder, cationic polyacrylamide emulsion, anionic polyacrylamide powder, anionic polyacrylamide emulsion, non-ionic polyacrylamide powder, polyacrylamide powder for non-ferrous metallurgy, polyacrylamide emulsion for non-ferrous metallurgy.

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