Scope of Exhibition

Water treatment technology and equipment: chemical and physical  water treatment, biochemical water treatment, sludge and residue  treatment, desalination apparatus, chemical materials, filtration and  separation technology, industrial waste water treatment, industrial circulating  cooling water treatment, boiler replenishment water treatment , water plant  equipment, dosing disinfection equipment, etc.

Water purification equipment: industrial water purification materials and  equipment, water purification machine, water softener, cooler, sterilization  equipment, filtration equipment, etc.

Membrane and seawater desalination: membrane and membrane  module, manufacturing technology and equipment for membrane and  membrane module, raw materials and auxiliary equipment, complete sets of  membrane separation equipment, relevant membrane separation technology,  material and testing devices.

Automation and information technology: water pump, water meter,  valve, pipe and accessories and tools, pipe network maintenance technology  and equipment, municipal water supply and drainage system and  equipment, inspection and monitoring technology and equipment,  instrument and apparatus, automation control, etc.

Water treatment chemicals: urban sewage treatment chemicals,  sterilization and disinfection chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, etc.

Service and others: water and water treatment engineering units,  consulting and design institutions, certification and testing services, etc.
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