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Hejin Anlun Chemical Industry in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province Achieved "Zero Discharge" of Industrial Wastewater

Shanxi Sunshine Group Anlun Chemical Co., Ltd. relies on the innovative development and construction of industrial high-salt concentrated water advanced treatment system to achieve the goal of "zero discharge" of industrial wastewater. 

Anlun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new energy industry enterprise mainly engaged in coal tar deep processing and carbon black production. At the beginning of its construction, the company adhered to the "high standard and high starting point" and introduced domestic advanced industrial wastewater treatment technology and equipment. 

According to the idea of "rain and sewage diversion, cleaning and diversion, quality separation and comprehensive utilization", 38 million yuan was invested to build a "zero discharge" device for reclaimed water reuse, including inorganic, organic, super reverse osmosis, evaporation and crystallization systems. To achieve the goal of "zero discharge" of industrial "zero discharge". 

The reclaimed water reuses the "ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis double membrane device" in the "zero discharge" system, which ensures the advanced and high efficiency of the device, and the evaporative crystallization device breaks through the bottleneck that the high-salt wastewater can only be treated up to the discharge standard in general industrial enterprises. the evaporative centrifuge is the last hurdle to realize zero discharge of waste water, which heats the waste water through steam, turns the water into water vapor, and then condenses it for reuse. Dry the salt through a centrifuge and turn it into dry salt, which can reach the standard of reuse grade. 

Since the operation of the "zero discharge" system of reclaimed water reuse in Anlun Chemical Industry, according to the actual production operation, it can save 1.12 million tons of water for the company every year, which is equivalent to the total production water of the whole Anlun Chemical Industry in three months.

Source: Yuncheng Radio and Television Station.

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