Industry News » Set the Direction of Smart Chemical Construction in Chemical Parks: New Requirements for Safety and Environmental Protection

Set the Direction of Smart Chemical Construction in Chemical Parks: New Requirements for Safety and Environmental Protection

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment also issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Modernization of the Ecological Environment Monitoring System and Monitoring Capability (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"). Following the release of the Guiding Opinions on the Construction of the Monitoring and Early Warning System (SAFE [2019] No. 11) (hereinafter referred to as Document 11), the state has put forward another new requirement for modern and intelligent means to improve the level of safety and environmental protection monitoring.

The "Opinions" clearly states that after 3-5 years of efforts, the ecological environment monitoring network of integrated land and sea, integration of heaven and earth, coordination between top and bottom, and information sharing has been improved. The monitoring pattern of government-led, departmental collaboration, corporate responsibility, social participation, and public supervision The establishment of a sound, scientific, independent, authoritative and efficient monitoring system has basically taken shape. The monitoring data has been effectively guaranteed. The ecological environment monitoring capability has been significantly enhanced, and the level of support services for ecological environment management and ecological civilization construction has been significantly improved.

In the field of safety, it is required to build a "one picture" of dangerous chemicals that are interconnected from top to bottom.

In the field of environmental protection, we have jointly established a national ecological quality monitoring “one web”.

As one of the key environmental protection areas of the ecological environment, the "Opinions" on the intelligent construction of the chemical industry, especially chemical parks, the parks and enterprises should attach great importance to the requirements for the construction of the ecological environment monitoring system proposed in the "Opinions".

For sewage treatment

"Enhancing monitoring of fixed sources (including tailings reservoirs), sewage outfalls into rivers (sea), mobile sources and non-point sources". This requires that the chemical park not only focus on monitoring the sewage treatment plant in the sewage discharge control, but also monitor the rain and sewage pipe network, river channels, and various mobile and non-point sources in the park. The four links of classified collection—qualitative treatment—accident management control—terminal control are controlled to realize intelligent and refined management.

Atmospheric governance

"Enhance the automatic monitoring of elevated sources, VOCs-related emissions, and industrial kiln-based key pollution sources, promote key industrial parks and industrial clusters to establish volatile organic compounds and particulate matter monitoring systems, and encourage the integration of energy consumption monitoring and pollution emission monitoring pilots in pollutant discharge units and expand Remote sensing monitoring of pollution source emissions ". At present, the fugitive exhaust emission of chemical companies is an important problem that cannot be easily solved. The park is required to strengthen the rectification of VOCs in the company. By setting up automatic environmental air monitoring stations and characteristic pollutant sensors in the park, monitoring is set up at the border of the park. Point to build an environmentally friendly Internet of Things, real-time monitoring of environmental VOCs and traceability of pollution sources.

Regarding the regulatory system

Establish and improve the coordinated working mechanism of measurement and management, strengthen the "dual random, one open" monitoring of ecological environment law enforcement, gradually incorporate the monitoring personnel who undertake the task of law enforcement monitoring into the comprehensive ecological environment administrative law enforcement system, and improve the efficiency of monitoring and law enforcement. Encourage eco-environment departments to entrust qualified, capable and creditable social monitoring agencies to cooperate in law enforcement monitoring. By 2025, the monitoring agencies of districts and counties nationwide should have the ability to independently carry out law enforcement monitoring and emergency monitoring within administrative regions.

The "Opinions" regards "shareable" and "traceable sources" as the two goals of the monitoring system construction:

Before 2021, local provinces, cities, and counties' environmental quality monitoring sites will be networked with the China Environmental Monitoring Station and connected to the Information Resource Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Promote the disclosure and sharing of self-monitoring data of key pollutant discharge units in accordance with the law. Establish a national-provincial-city three-level ecological environment monitoring big data platform, strengthen the standardization and standardized management of monitoring data, and achieve effective integration and interconnection of monitoring data at all levels and types.

Promote the establishment of a hierarchical management and national networked laboratory information management system to achieve traceability of the entire process of monitoring activities. Formulate supervision and management measures for ecological environment monitoring institutions, improve the traceability system of ecological environment monitoring values, and strengthen quality supervision capabilities.

The establishment of a smart environmental protection system cannot be separated from technological innovation and equipment upgrades.

The "Opinions" clearly needs to improve the ecological environment monitoring technology system, develop smart monitoring, and promote the application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, sensors, blockchain, and artificial intelligence in the monitoring and monitoring business.

Encourage key regional provinces and cities to establish innovative demonstration bases for ecological environment monitoring, support the research and development and application of monitoring technology and equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and promote the accurate, rapid, and portable development of monitoring equipment.

A number of key projects are planned around key areas such as air, water, ocean, biological ecology, radiation, noise, emergency early warning monitoring, remote sensing monitoring, compliance monitoring and other key areas.

The overall planning and optimization of the acquisition and sharing of remote sensing imagery for land and sea observation satellites of the ecological environment shall be coordinated, and the interpretation and acquisition of multi-period coverage, multi-resolution, and multi-element satellite data shall be carried out, and the global data acquisition and collection capabilities shall be gradually expanded.

The Opinions also called for strengthening funding for the construction of an ecological environment monitoring system. Revise the standards for the construction and operation of the ecological environment monitoring network, formulate the list of environmental protection monitoring authorities and financial guarantees in a hierarchical manner, and strive to fully incorporate the required funds into the key guarantees of fiscal budgets at all levels. All localities should actively expand investment channels for ecological environment monitoring capacity building, actively seek special funding support for ecological compensation and pollution prevention, and focus on improving investment performance.

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