Industry News » China Power Environmental Protection wins bid for 53.96 million yuan in Lianyungang Hongyang Cogeneration Extension Water Supply Project

China Power Environmental Protection wins bid for 53.96 million yuan in Lianyungang Hongyang Cogeneration Extension Water Supply Project

CLP Environmental Protection announced that recently, the company received the "Notice of Winning the Bid" from Jiangsu Overseas Group International Engineering Consulting Company (bidding agent), confirming that CLP Environmental Protection was the successful bidder for the supplemental water supply project of Lianyungang Hongyang Cogeneration Extension Project. : Lianyungang Hongyang Combined Heat and Power Co., Ltd. expansion of make-up water system; winning bid amount: RMB 53.96 million.

The company locates ecological environment management service providers. Its main business is (3 + 1): water, solid waste, flue gas treatment, and industrial innovation platforms. It provides system solutions for industrial and urban environmental treatment, including research and development design, equipment system integration, and engineering. General contracting, core equipment manufacturing, facility operation and maintenance and project investment (PPP, BOT), etc.

The company's CLP Environmental Water Company is mainly engaged in large industrial water treatment and urban water environment treatment business: in the field of water environment treatment, it can provide urban and industrial park sewage treatment, water reuse, and comprehensive water environment treatment (including distributed intelligence) Water purification), etc., has invested in or constructed or operated nearly 30 sewage treatment projects in China. In particular, it has successfully implemented the Nanjing Distributed Smart Water Purification Island Demonstration Project (60,000 tons / day).

In the field of industrial water treatment, we can provide the whole process business from raw water, desalinated water and waste water treatment, reclaimed water to zero discharge, and comprehensive service capabilities. The customer covers national key industries (including power, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, etc.) , China's power and petrochemical water treatment market share leader in the country, has undertaken the implementation of Zhongyan Kunshan, Jiangsu Debang Xinghua, Shandong Luqing, Yantai Wanhua, China Nuclear Longyuan, Shandong Weihai, Shenhua Baotou, Yangzi BASF, Inner Mongolia Shenglu And other water treatment projects, and has successfully implemented water treatment projects such as Pakistan ’s Thar, Pakistan ’s Kyrgyzstan, India ’s GMR, and Bangladesh ’s Gulshaw, especially in the “Belt and Road” countries.

The Lianyungang Hongyang Combined Heat and Power Extension Project is an important supporting project for the integration of Shenghong Refining and Chemicals, a major project in Jiangsu Province. It will be built into a demonstration and intelligent large-scale thermal power plant. The successful bid of this project will consolidate and promote the development of the company's water treatment business in the power and petrochemical industry, especially in the construction of large-scale integrated parks. Grasping market opportunities will have a positive impact on the company's operating performance.

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