Industry News » Double insurance! See how Thunderstorm Shuangshen Mountain Achieves Leak-Free Sewage

Double insurance! See how Thunderstorm Shuangshen Mountain Achieves Leak-Free Sewage

On February 13, the first batch of cured patients was discharged from Vulcan Mountain Hospital; on the 14th, Lei Shenshan Hospital began to treat patients on a large scale. The two hospitals let more patients see hope, but the hospitals are adjacent to the large water bodies of Zhiyin Lake and Huangjia Lake. Whether the medical sewage will affect the surrounding environment and whether it can meet environmental protection standards after completion are the public's concern focus.

It is understood that both hospitals are implemented in accordance with the "Construction Standards for Infectious Diseases Hospitals". In terms of sewage treatment facilities, separate collection and treatment processes for sewage, rainwater, and medical waste are designed. Wastewater; on the other hand, 7 strict procedures are used to discharge wastewater to treatment, and the disinfection takes about 5 hours before being discharged into the municipal pipe network. The standard of sewage treatment technology in hospitals is much higher than that of ordinary infectious diseases. "urgent".

Design "two cloths and one film" to put on "protective clothing" for the hospital

On the eve of New Year's Eve, I heard that Vulcan Mountain Hospital is about to start construction. Min Hongping, the head of the Water and Environmental Protection Division of the Green Investment Corporation of China Construction Third Bureau, took the initiative to organize a team to work out 2 sets of process plans 15 hours overnight. He said: Suddenly, it was not clear what the company's specific tasks were at that time. For just a few minutes, considering Lvtou's experience and advantages in water design and construction, we decided to actively design the hospital's sewage treatment station and provide it to the design institute. "

The next day, the China Construction Third Bureau appointed the Green Investment Company to participate in medical wastewater treatment and green environmental protection construction at Vulcan Mountain Hospital. Min Hongping and his team took the initiative to save the precious ten hours for the project construction cycle. On January 25, Green Investment Corporation's Vulcan Mountain project established a temporary party branch. 31 party members and a sewage treatment station technical team leader Peng Guanping, a professional and technical team composed of 5 doctors and 40 masters, went on-site to conduct fieldwork Inspections, organization of water, medicine, virus related experts to further improve the design of medical wastewater treatment.


Anti-seepage film laying

The team found that Vulcan Mountain Hospital is close to Houguan Lake and Zhiyin Lake. If sewage leaks occur, it will cause serious environmental pollution. After repeated investigations and studies, the team decided to fully cover the foundation substrate with HDPE anti-seepage membrane in accordance with the landfill site standards To ensure that the ground structures are physically isolated from groundwater and soil, the generated sewage will be collected and treated in a totally enclosed manner. It is reported that the HDPE barrier film has a high barrier coefficient and good heat resistance and cold resistance. Its use environment temperature is high temperature 110 ℃, low temperature -70 ℃, can withstand more than 80 kinds of strong acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, long time Exposure can still maintain the original performance.

The "two cloths and one membrane" design process has also been successfully applied to the construction of Raytheon Hospital, including the laying of 120,000 square meters of high-strength impervious membrane and 240,000 square meters of geotextile. Three layers of protection, such as the concrete ground layer, ensure that a drop of sewage will not seep into the underground soil or surrounding water bodies.

Sewage system "double insurance", disinfection time is 3 times the national standard

The problem of hospital wastewater infiltration is solved. How is medical wastewater treated? According to Peng Guanping, according to the wastewater discharge situation of medical institutions, the daily wastewater generation volume of 1,000 beds is about 800 to 1,000 tons. In view of the high infectivity of the new coronavirus, the hospital's sewage treatment process has adopted a higher standard.


Design team site visit

In terms of operation design, the sewage treatment station uses a dual circuit and dual insurance system with a maximum processing capacity of 2,000 tons / day. Even if one group of equipment has a mechanical failure or needs maintenance, the other group can also carry out the entire wastewater generated by the hospital. deal with. In terms of disinfection treatment, the dosage of disinfectant in Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Lei Shenshan Hospital is higher than the disinfection dose required by the infectious disease hospitals required by the state. The disinfection residence time will reach nearly 5 hours, far higher than the national standard of 1.5 hours. Wastewater There are 7 strict procedures from discharge to qualified treatment. Firstly, it will be completely closed collection and pre-disinfection treatment in the hospital area, and then it will be elevated to the sewage treatment station where it is located, and then some biochemical treatment and re-disinfection treatment. Finally, After passing the system test, it will be discharged into the municipal pipe network.

In order to be foolproof, the technical team also designed a rainwater storage tank. Through the rain and sewage diversion, the rainwater in the courtyard will be collected and disinfected, and then pumped to the municipal pipe network, so that even a drop of rainwater cannot easily enter the lake, and the remaining The sludge will also be concentrated and dehydrated for hazardous waste disposal.


Construction Site

Based on the consideration of the wider scope of treatment at Lei Shenshan Hospital, the team carried out the design of the separation of sewage and doctors, and the sewage in the patient isolation area was all introduced into the hospital's sewage treatment station. For example, the sewage treatment capacity will be reduced by one third, which will greatly improve the treatment efficiency of sewage stations and reduce energy consumption. "Min Hongping said.

It is reported that Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Lei Shenshan Hospital have established online monitoring stations to ensure the normal operation of the facility and the discharge of sewage.

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