Industry News » 6.5 Tons of Sewage Treatment Medicament Emergency Aid Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital

6.5 Tons of Sewage Treatment Medicament Emergency Aid Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital

Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital officially started to treat patients on February 3, but the stock of sewage treatment chemicals is limited and urgently needs to be replenished. On the morning of February 6th, 6.5 tons of sewage treatment chemicals donated by Henan Love Company and transported by Changtong Logistics for free were sent from Zhengzhou to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital.


Source: People's Government of Henan Province

At the delivery site, the staff of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation issued an emergency transport pass A to the Changtong logistics transportation vehicles on the spot, which "can not be stopped, inspected or charged, and has priority and convenient passage." It is understood that the sewage treatment chemicals sent to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital this time are PAC and cationic PAM, a total of 6.5 tons, which can be used by Vulcan Mountain Hospital for two months. The donor is Henan Junange Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

As the transportation enterprise of this sewage treatment agent, Yang Zhiping, chairman of Changtong Logistics, said that after receiving the transportation notice from Henan Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, the division actively arranged to transport vehicles to ensure the safe and smooth delivery of the goods to Wuhan. . In addition, in recent days, Changtong Logistics has been carrying out emergency medicine distribution tasks for Sinopharm Holdings daily.

In recent days, many medical supplies and daily necessities have been supplementing Wuhan from Henan for free. Notched masks and protective clothing were sent to Wuhan after overtime production by Henan enterprises; lack of medical staff, Henan has sent 257 critically ill physicians, nurses, and sensory control experts in two batches; lack of medical equipment, Henan organizations have donated far-infrared heating equipment 1100 units ...

It is understood that, as a province with a large population, epidemic prevention supplies and medical personnel are also facing tremendous pressure, but the Henan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, adhere to the national game of chess, resolutely obey unified dispatch, unified coordination, and treat resources And protection resources are concentrated on the front line of fighting the epidemic, giving priority to meeting the needs of frontline medical staff and treating patients.

Source: Industrial Water Treatment

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