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Smart Water Enters the Blue Ocean Era

There are several reasons why Huawei has won the big order for smart water affairs:

First, smart water has become a hotspot in the development of the water industry in recent years. Various funds, technologies, and talents have already begun to flow to this industry. Water companies such as Beijing Enterprises Water, Xingrong Co., Qidi Environment, and Huadian Water have recently The continuous layout and the use of smart water technology to enhance the competitiveness of water business represent the development direction of the industry.

Second, the investment in the first phase of this smart water business single project reached 450 million yuan, which is the largest contract value of the smart water business so far. In the traditional perception of the water industry, it is generally believed that smart water is mainly based on information software, plus some sensors, controllers, etc., projects with tens of millions of yuan are very few, reaching hundreds of millions of yuan, which can be regarded as " amazing". In fact, if you think that this investment is to maximize the long-term value of tens of billions of water assets, this investment will not feel high.

Third, as a world-class enterprise, Huawei is generally considered to be a communications or consumer products company. It can participate in specific projects in traditional industries such as smart water, which is considered a cross-border, and has different views on cross-border itself. This has further boosted the topic of smart water affairs.

The above factors are summed up. It is difficult for Huawei to win the smart water business order or not to become a hot spot in the industry. I believe that the topic of smart water business will continue to heat up in the future.

Coincidentally, Vanke won a bid of 190 million yuan for a water quality monitoring data service project some time ago, which is also considered to be a cross-border and attracted industry attention.

In fact, in the past two years, Huawei, Tencent, Vanke, China Telecom, China Unicom and other large companies have entered the smart water industry, indicating that smart water has indeed attracted the attention of the giants, and its development prospects are recognized. The author believes this Is conducive to the development of the industry.

China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The same is true for water and environmental protection industries. After experiencing the construction period of high-speed development in the past, it has begun to enter an "effect era" that emphasizes operation and quality. And smart water is to use big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to improve the efficiency of water management and environmental asset operation and management to maximize its value, and it is an important starting point for the industry to enter a high-quality development stage. High-quality development also means high quality and relatively high prices for products and services. This is an inevitable rule. Only in the high-quality development stage can technology, talents and funds be fully gathered in this industry, and this industry has ushered in the blue ocean era.

Huawei's 450 million yuan bid for the Shenzhen Smart Water Project has no doubt marked that the smart water industry has entered the blue ocean era.

In modern society, an industry must develop fully in an environment with a relatively high degree of marketization, and the level of marketization depends on who the main players in each market are. In general, the water industry is a relatively small and closed traditional industry, and there is a small and scattered market situation. The entry of enterprises such as Huawei, Tencent and Vanke into the water industry will bring structural changes to the participating entities. It will also create the following favorable conditions for the smart water industry:

First, it will rapidly increase the scale of the smart water market cake. This time, the Shenzhen project of 450 million yuan, the scale of a project may be the same as the past few years. The average market growth rate has already outperformed the entire smart water business, and it will definitely grow at a faster rate. As practitioners, we must not only see challenges, but also opportunities. Only in this way can we leverage our professional advantages and win development opportunities.

Second, it will greatly improve the technical level of the smart water industry. The technical level of the smart water industry, not to mention the Internet industry, is still far from the traditional industries of security, logistics, and electricity. The participation of enterprises such as Huawei and Tencent will undoubtedly bring new ideas and technologies to the industry and promote the rapid development of the industry.

The third is to gather high-level technical personnel. An industry that enters the blue ocean will inevitably attract a large number of outstanding, dare-to-challeng, and good-talent elites.

Fourth, it will attract a large amount of funds to enter. Financial Control Data has been focusing on smart water for many years. I have seen many venture capital institutions. They did not know about smart water before, which means that a large amount of funds have not paid attention to this industry, and it is even more impossible to invest in this industry. Today, the value of smart water is highly recognized, meaning that companies engaged in smart water will have more opportunities to gain the favor of capital and attract more funds to enter the industry.

Enterprises are enterprises of the times. Survival of the fittest is inevitable. You must see the trend and follow the trend to get the dividends of the times. The market, technology, talents and funds have gathered in the smart water business, ushering in the blue ocean era!

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