Industry News » Phosphorus chemical water treatment and recycling under environmental protection concept

In today's increasingly scarce water resources, how to make full use of water resources is an important issue facing enterprises and equipment. The same is true for phosphorus chemical enterprises. Sufficient water sources and good water quality are particularly important for the survival and development of phosphorus chemical enterprises. For this reason, this article will talk about my own opinions on the water treatment and recycling of phosphorus chemical industry under the concept of environmental protection, for the reference and exchange of colleagues.

1 Raw water treatment

In order to ensure the normal production of phosphorus chemical industry, an essential element is water. Without water resources, phosphorus chemical enterprises will be difficult to maintain. However, due to the different types of equipment, the corresponding water quality requirements are also different, so not only to ensure sufficient water resources, but also to properly choose a water treatment device, and perform corresponding treatment according to the purpose of the raw water.

1.1 Raw water quality

Many phosphorus chemical companies use surface river water for production, and river water is mainly composed of rainwater flowing through surface runoff. It has a very wide basin area and the water body is flowing. Therefore, human activities, biological activities, climatic conditions, and regions The situation will greatly affect its water quality. In addition, because the river water often comes into contact with rocky soil, the mineral composition of each region is different, and the chemical composition of the river water has been different. And because suspended matter such as sediment often mixes with flowing water, its turbidity exists.

1.2 Raw water treatment

Because there are many suspended substances in the river water and the fluidity is strong, many phosphate chemical companies use the process of raw water-inclined plate sedimentation tank-siphon filter-industrial pool to process raw water during construction. However, this kind of process The fluctuation of raw water suspended matter cannot be fully considered, so it is difficult to achieve the desired effect during operation. And after treatment, the effluent suspended solids far exceeded the requirements of the prescribed standards, which greatly affected the subsequent production. After development, many enterprises pass the raw water through the grid pool. The author suggests that the dual-chamber floating yin-yang bed + mixing process and the dual-chamber fixed yin-yang bed + mixing process can be used to allow water to pass through the built-in fiber bundle high-efficiency filter and valveless filter to effectively reduce water suspended matter Then, the yin and yang mixed bed exchanger is used to realize the desalinated water treatment. In this way, the phenomenon of resin sintering can be effectively prevented, and the water consumption for cleaning and regeneration can be effectively reduced to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

2 Recycling of phosphorus chemical drainage

Phosphorus chemical production wastewater usually contains metal ions such as ammonia nitrogen, chloride, fluoride, phosphate, calcium and magnesium, which may cause serious pollution to the environment. However, the residual phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen are necessary for the production of phosphorus chemicals. The use of production drainage as phosphogypsum and supplemental water for the pulp transportation and extraction system can effectively improve the recovery rate of residual phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen and greatly improve economic benefits. Among them, chloride, fluoride, calcium and magnesium materials will not affect the recovery system, nor will it affect the product quality. On the one hand, it can recycle the sewage that meets the standards after treatment, reduce the amount of new water, and also reduce the environmental pollution and achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

2.1 Scientific classification of drainage

Phosphorus chemical enterprises should combine their own characteristics, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the minimum requirements for water quality of the equipment and products in different workshops, and the actual composition of the water to be excluded, and carry out classified recovery and treatment based on quality. The minimum requirements of water are used for classification and deployment to effectively improve the utilization rate of recycled water. Not only that, but also the high-corrosion, high-concentration wastewater that affects equipment and products should be collected in the sewage station, and chlorofluoride and suspended matter should be reduced through dosing, sedimentation, and filtration, and The PH value is adjusted until it reaches the corresponding standard before it can be used for ore slurry transportation and other purposes, and effectively reduce the amount of wastewater discharged into the river.

2.2 Amount of supplementary water used as a high-level pool

Although industrial make-up water is not as strict as the water quality of boilers, in general, industrial make-up water will choose water with a suitable water temperature and not easy to scale, that is, the water quality is not easy to breed bacteria, not easy to corrode metal equipment, suspension The product meets the standards and the total salt content is low to ensure efficient production and operation, long-term equipment operation and cost savings. From the practical point of view, the steam condensate produced by the ammonia evaporator and the compressed ammonia cooling water, the steam condensate produced by the platform and the new molten sulfur section of the production area, the steam condensate produced by the phosphoric acid concentration, the concentrated section, and the phosphoric acid extraction water, etc. Can be used as a high-level pool to make up water.

3 Conclusion

All in all, water is an indispensable raw material in phosphorus chemical enterprises. Relevant staff should be able to correctly understand the quality of raw water, do a good job of raw water treatment, desalinated water treatment, and do scientific classification and recovery of the drainage of phosphorus chemical enterprises. By using this way, we can not only improve the economic benefits of enterprises, but also achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction, and effectively promote the development of green environmental protection in society.

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