Industry News » Nanotechnology - Nanofibers; Findings from National University of Singapore. in the Area of Nanofibers Reported (Bio-Based Nanofibers Involved in Wastewater Treatment)

Investigators discuss new findings in Nanotechnology - Nanofibers. According to news originating from Singapore, Singapore, by VerticalNews correspondents, research stated, "Studies involving bio-based nanofibers are well utilized in the field of energy, catalysis, electronics, and environmental science."

Our news journalists obtained a quote from the research from the National University of Singapore., "In this review, the importance of utilizing bio-based materials for the development and optimization of multiplexed nanofibers and the modifications adopted to overcome the drawbacks of conventional electro-spinning to facilitate better production rates, enhanced adsorption, and its potential in removing heavy metal ions, dyes, and other contaminants polluting the environment are highlighted. This work provides the readers the ability to understand the complexity in fabrication of bio-based nanofibers focusing primarily on chitosan, cellulose, and protein-based nanofibers and their mechanism toward quenching/degradation of water contaminants."

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